Hot this week. Triple digit highs Tuesday? Storms likely Wednesday.

Would you believe it if I said a cold front moved through overnight? This is technically correct, however temperatures will remain in the 90s today. Humidity levels won’t feel *as bad* this afternoon. I’m officially calling this morning’s cold frontal passage a “Slightly Less Miserable Front” which I think we can agree on. That being said, expect highs in the mid 90s this afternoon, but the good news is it will just feel like the air temperature. By the pool is the best way to spend this afternoon! Tonight, a mostly clear sky will continue as temperatures drop to the upper 60s to lower 70s. We stay dry for the rest of today and tonight!

Tuesday will also be mostly sunny and HOT. I could see some locations in Northwest Alabama reaching triple digits for air temperatures. Otherwise, expect highs in the upper 90s. The heat index values (which are derived from combining temperature and dew point in order to get a more accurate assessment of what it truly feels like outside) will be in the lower triple digits. Tuesday is not the best day for any long duration outdoors work.

If you’ve been missing the rain, I have good news for you. We have a great chance of widespread showers and storms Wednesday. While there may be a few morning thundershowers, the afternoon holds the highest chance. We can’t completely rule out a stronger storm with some hail or brief gusty winds mixed into the bunch, overall this is not a severe weather event for the Tennessee Valley. That system moves out Wednesday night and we will be dry for Thursday and Friday.

While humidity levels will be bearable today and tomorrow, humidity really starts to creep up by mid week and into the weekend. Expect heat index or “feels like” temperatures to be in the mid 90s to lower triple digits for the rest of the week. While these temperatures are above average for our area, it’s nothing abnormal for us for late June. Keep the A/C cranking, stay hydrated, limit your time outdoors, and if you do have to be outdoors, don’t forget sunscreen!

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