Father’s Day Ushers In Severe Storm Threat

This weekend is predicted to have showers and storms, some of which could be strong or severe. The greatest risk for severe storms is on Sunday, with heavy rain, lightning, damaging straight-line winds, and hail possible. Due to extensive rainfall, flooding may also be a problem by Sunday and into the following week. As we head into next week, showers and storms are expected to continue. Keep an eye out for any weather updates, especially this week, and remember to go inside if you hear or see thunder.

Most of today has been clear so far, but the heat and humidity make it feel a little muggy outside. Scattered showers and storms are anticipated mainly to our southwest, but other than that, dry conditions are expected. If you live in the Northern Alabama region, these showers and storms are slightly more probable, especially in the afternoon. We cannot completely rule out the possibility that these storms will be on the strong to severe side, especially this afternoon and evening, even though the main threat of severe storms today is to the west and southwest of our region. As we continue through the rest of today, pay attention to any weather updates. Along with the storms, today will continue to feel humid, with temperatures peaking in the upper 80s and lower 90s and high humidity. Tonight, you can expect temperatures to drop to the upper 60s.

Moving on to the remainder of the weekend, Saturday holds the chance for a few pop up showers and storms, but the chances aren’t looking too widespread. Highs are expected in the lower 90s and lows in the mid-to-upper 60s.

On Sunday, be sure to keep an eye on the weather because it could be another severe weather day. Thunderstorms will be scattered throughout the area, and some have the potential to produce straight-line winds and hail. In parts of Northern Alabama and Middle Tennessee, the SPC has issued a level 1 out of 5 risk for severe weather. However, circumstances may change, expanding the risk area to include our entire region, raising the risk level, or both. Due to all the rain that has accumulated, flash flooding may also be a concern. Tornadoes are not likely to occur with these storms, but the risk is always present, so please pay attention to any issued weather updates or warnings. We will monitor the storms and keep you informed as we navigate this potentially severe weather day. Other than the storms, temperatures for Sunday are expected to be in the mid-to-upper 80s for the highs. The severe weather risk continues through Sunday night, and temperatures are expected to drop to the mid-to-upper 60s.

Moving on to the beginning of the following week, showers and thunderstorms are looking likely on Monday. Thankfully, as of now, these storms do not look severe; however, it’s not going to be a pleasant time to be outdoors. If you do have to go outside on Monday, definitely bring an umbrella. Daytime temperatures are expected to reach the mid-80s for the highs. Showers and storms will continue through the night, and temperatures will drop to the upper 60s for the lows.

Compared to Monday, Tuesday appears to be much drier, but scattered showers and storms are still predicted throughout the day, with the afternoon and evening having the highest chances. Temperatures will also be slightly cooler, with highs in the mid-to-upper 80s. Storms may linger Tuesday night, and temperatures will drop to lows in the mid-to-upper 60s. On Wednesday, showers and storms will continue, with a higher probability for residents of Northern Alabama. Wednesday’s temperatures are predicted to be in the lower-to-mid 80s for the high and the upper 60s for the low.

Next week’s Thursday appears to be the driest day thus far, with only a slight chance for showers and storms, which are once again more likely for residents of Northern Alabama. So if you are looking for the best day to go outdoors next week, Thursday is the day. Temperatures on Thursday will be in the mid-80s for the highs and fall to overnight lows in the mid-60s.

This weekend does appear to be relatively stormy, with Sunday posing a risk for severe weather. Sunday’s weather threatens to bring damaging winds and hail, and due to all the rainfall, we may see a risk of flooding as well. Showers and storms are anticipated to continue into the coming week, with Thursday looking to be the driest day. Be weather aware this week and stay safe.

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