Cold front will bring showers, thunderstorms to the Tennessee Valley.

If you’re a sunshine lover, today is your day. We have much more sunshine overhead compared to yesterday. Enjoy it while you can, though, because it’ll be short lived. This evening will be pleasant, with temps peaking in the lower 70s eventually falling into the 60s & 50s. You’ll likely need a light jacket if you have dinner or church plans.

Lows tonight will be in the lower 50s, and clouds will increase ahead of a cold front. This front will bring us our best shower and storm chance we’ve had in weeks. We’re still not talking widespread rain that we so desperately need, but at least scattered coverage is expected. Thursday will start off mostly cloudy, with a few rain showers possible during the morning hours. Temps will get up into the lower 70s by afternoon, as showers and storms develop and move through the area. Severe weather is not expected Thursday, but don’t let any rumbles of thunder catch you off guard! Winds will also be a little gusty, with or without any storms in the area. Timing for the storms is mainly during the afternoon and evening, wrapping up by 2 a.m. A straggling shower may make it into Friday morning, but Friday should be dry overall.

Again, while this is our *best* rain chance in a while, it’s still not all that great. Some areas will be lucky to get over half an inch of rain. With storms developing and moving through, I could definitely see that happening, but it would be very localized. It depends on where a healthy thunderstorm tracks through our area, it may not be exactly where our in house Futurecast model puts the *highest* rainfall total. The takeaway from this is, some lucky town or community may get a decent rain, but not everyone.

After the cold front moves through, we dry out with sunshine returning by Friday afternoon. Some clouds may linger, but the system is fairly quick to move out. Temps won’t drop all that much, like they did with the last two cold fronts in the Tennessee Valley. We’re talking just going from the lower 70s to upper 60s. Lows will go from the 50s to the 40s. Not too dramatic of a front. This weekend is looking fantastic for any outdoor activities you have planned. I know there are already some trunk or treat events on the schedule! You may just need a jacket early on in the day or later on in the evening.

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