Sticking with the cooler temps this weekend, but this week? We’re talking shower chances…

Today was not a bad start to the weekend, at least by my standards – if anything it’s nice sweater weather, and good weather to cozy up under the sheets with a good book and coffee with; at least, that’s how I spend these cloudy, fairly cool fall days (…when I’m not at work, anyways, right?) As far as any actual inclement weather is concerned, any scant moisture has stayed mostly relegated to the Alabama side of the area, if anywhere, so unsurprisingly, our Saturday has been mostly dry, and especially cooler in those same spots.

Those few spots of moisture being stuck in Alabama is no surprise, especially when you look at the Satellite – in fact, that big “blob” of cloud cover can even be seen on the temperature map by way of its cooling effect on the region. The Tennessee Valley (especially S TN) eeked out some clearer conditions in the early PM hours and as such helped us achieve a few mid-60s, though the further south you head, the more lower 60s and even upper 50s you begin to encounter. Despite notably cool temperatures today, I doubt we’ll be seeing any MAJORLY cold nights in our near future (think frost – none of that). 40s are quite a reasonable bet, in fact, into tonight and for our early Sunday.

As for our Sunday itself, you can expect frankly quite similar conditions to today widespread across the Tennessee Valley, though I think it’ll be widespread a good few degrees warmer to close our weekend out. I do still think we hold onto those clouds to some extent or another, but I’m beginning to suspect we’ll stay largely dry for our Sunday – some models suggest there may be an insignificant amount of moisture, especially in AL, but in total truth, I wouldn’t call it enough to really factor into your day plans for tomorrow. If there is going to be any rain worth talking about, that’ll come later on in the week, likely starting Tuesday and somewhat “meandering” through the middle and latter half of the week, for lack of a better term.

Kicking off our work week looks downright good, in my opinion – Monday holds onto those 60s and partly cloudy conditions, with high pressure keeping any moisture at bay. Those conditions aren’t long for this world though, due in large part to a gulf system that we’ll find ourselves on the northern periphery of by the time we head into Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. Our forecast models still have some figuring out to do when it comes to it’s exact track; some suggest it may be further south, which would mean less rain for us, and some suggest one closer to the coast, which would favor better rain chances for us. The reality is probably somewhere inbetween, and even if it were the more favorable scenario, we aren’t looking at *THAT* much rain to begin with, though it’s still enough to consider while making after work plans for our midweek.

As for the temperatures, we hold these lower to mid-60s for the foreseeable future, with something of a mild warming trend into next weekend. Models aren’t 100% on the specifics this far out, but I think it’s reasonable to suggest some of us may end up back at 70 as we approach the third week of November. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m alright with whatever temperatures Mother Nature has to give us at this point… the main thing I am wanting right about now, and I’m sure you agree, is some meaningful RAIN. Here’s hoping for a pattern change sooner rather than later!

Zooming out and taking a look at the 7 day forecast really helps highlight that sort of “hit-or-miss” (probably more miss than hit) forecast when it comes to those showers through the week. I think the main consideration for this week will be the temperatures – we’ll be firmly into this fairly fall-like regime of 60s, with clouds being a mainstay over the next week more than anything else… (good sleeping weather, anyone?)

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