Unsettled, stormy weather pattern sticks around through the weekend.

It’s another hot day here in the Tennessee Valley. It’s also our last dry day for the near future. Aside from today, every day on the 7 day forecast from here on out has a rain and storm chance. Have your rain gear ready, but you won’t need it for the rest of today. Expect mostly sunny conditions to continue through sunset, as clouds increase overnight. Tonight is when we “flip the switch” of our weather pattern.

Lows tonight will get down into the upper 60s, as cloud cover increases. I will say right off the bat, there is not much model agreement in Wednesday’s rain/storm chance. I’ll do my best to explain what we’ve got on tap. Wednesday morning, there will be a line of dying thunderstorms approaching the Tennessee Valley. As these storms weaken, we may just get remnant showers and thundershowers between 6am and 10am. They may fizzle out completely before they get here, but I’m not so convinced of that! Then, in the afternoon and evening, some models have us completely dry while other have another line of storms move through. Due to these inconsistencies, we’re giving tomorrow morning and evening both a 40% chance for showers/storms. The actual coverage may be higher, but confidence is low at this point. The takeaway: prepare for storms, rejoice if you stay dry!

Beyond Wednesday, like I mentioned above, we have daily rain and storm chances. No system through Saturday sticks out to cause any sort of issues for us locally. Just your typical run of the mill summertime thunderstorms. We’re getting into that season where it’s difficult for any meteorologist to pinpoint when and where a storm will pop up. Just know the chance is there! If you’ve lived in the South for a while, you know the drill. If you’re new to the area, it’s a ‘fun’ little game we get to play.

I will take a moment to discuss Sunday’s storm threat. Right now, all you need to know is we are keeping an eye on it. Large scale synoptics are favorable for some caliber of organized strong to severe storms in the Tennessee Valley. It’s too early at this point to get any more specific than that. 6 days out data starts to become more reliable, but there is still a lot that can chance. We will keep you posted, but our eyes are on Sunday!

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