Dry this week. Comfortable start, hot and humid by the weekend.

After a stormy Sunday, we’ve got a very calm and quiet week ahead in the Tennessee Valley. Clouds have moved out from this morning and we will be sunny for the rest of today with temperatures in the low 80s. Tonight will feel quite refreshing, with falling dew points and temperatures getting down to the upper 50s. You can expect fantastic weather across the region Tuesday, with highs in the upper 70s to lower 80s and low humidity. And did I mention abundant sunshine? Yippee!

Not only is the start of the week dry, most of the week will be, if not the entire stretch. I’ve put in stray rain chances this weekend, but that’s because we are going to be very hot and very humid, and we know how that can turn out! Otherwise, we are going to be bone dry for the next several days. That sets us up for my next point.

With nothing but sunshine and high pressure building overhead, we will be quite hot and quite humid before long. Enjoy today through Wednesday, conditions will be very comfortable and pleasant! Average highs for this time of year in the Tennessee Valley are in the mid 80s so we can enjoy this below-average treat before we see above-average temperatures come in with full force. Heat index values may push triple digits by this weekend with forecast dew points in the lower 70s. Yikes! Keep that in mind if you are already planning outdoor work this weekend. There is still time for the pattern to show a cooler signal, but as it stands, this weekend looks miserable.

I believe this is the least active 7-dayforecast graphic I have shown in MONTHS. Aside from stray weekend rain chances, we’ll be dry with a mix of sun and clouds for the rest of the week. The first half of the week will be quite pleasant, then we will be hit with the heat and humidity come Thursday. Peeking ahead to next week, it looks like we will get some rain Monday which may also cool us off.

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