Enjoy the quiet! Weather looks nice as we head through the week.

Not a bad start to the week super early on this Monday morning during the predawn hours. Temperatures are down in the mid 60s in most areas, and we still have time for temps to drop a few more degrees before sunrise. The weather pattern across the Tennessee Valley is quiet, with this past week’s front stalled out along the Gulf Coast and all the deep tropical moisture and showers and storms shunted off to the south and east of us.

Skies stay mostly sunny as we head through the day, with just a few clouds around during the afternoon and evening. Daytime highs look to reach the upper 80s and lower 90s this afternoon, and then overnight lows drop back to the upper 60s to near 70 degrees with partly cloudy skies.

We do continue to trend a little warmer as we head through the week, but the weather will mostly be wash, rinse, and repeat each day. Partly cloudy to mostly sunny though at least Saturday with daytime highs in the low to mid 90s (maybe some isolated upper 90s over north Alabama by late week), morning lows in the upper 60s to near 70, and rain chances staying near zero. I do think the chance of a few widely scattered thundershowers sneaks back by late weekend though as a weak frontal boundary sinks in from the north. However, no big rain chances are on the board for our local area for at least the next seven days.

The tropical disturbance we’ve been watching out in the Atlantic has struggled through the weekend. With dry air continuing to plague the system and it running into increasing wind shear as it approaches the Lesser Antilles and the eastern Caribbean the next few days, I think our window for this system to possibly develop into a tropical depression is rapidly closing if it hasn’t already. Conditions that haven’t been all that great for tropical development over the weekend will only get increasingly hostile as the system moves into the Caribbean the next few days.

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