Burst of winter temps are here… but not for long!

That title is no joke, either – if you’ve had the misfortune of stepping outside today, it feels downright offensive compared to the comparatively sweltering weather we’ve had over the last several days, with the 60s being a mainstay since earlier in the week. With daytime highs in the upper-30s and sharp winds today, on the other hand, those feels-like temps are going to stuck below freezing, so keep that heavier coat on you today if you have to go anywhere. (Heck, just in the Weather Center, I’ve been bundled up in a jacket today…)

Taking a look at the temperatures on a city by city basis thru tonight and into the early hours of tomorrow morning reveal the worst of it is yet to come, at least if you don’t like the cold – through tonight and probably up to around 4, 5, 6am tomorrow, we’ll be contending with lower winds, but temperatures pretty much strictly stuck in the range of 20-24, so DEFINITELY do your winterizing for those pipes, and don’t leave the pets and plants outside for tonight. On the bright side (no pun intended), we’re getting back into a pattern with much better weather pretty quickly.

Even the freezing conditions overnight will be a thing of the past by the time we enter the workweek – check that upward trend out! Punxsutawney Phil was apparently onto something when he said we’ll have an early spring – by the time we’re heading into the Tues-Weds timeframe, we’ll have mostly clear skies to work with and a return of upper 60s (with perhaps a few of us even inching into the 69-71 degree range).

Like they say, if you don’t like the weather in the Tennessee Valley, wait 5 minutes!

Also worth mentioning with that trend in mind – keeping and eye on some rain chances creeping into the forecast as those temperatures hit their maximum as we wrap the week up (Thursday timeframe). Guidance doesn’t suggest that this’ll be some gigantic whopper of a system, but it looks like a solid little rain-maker that’ll, as of current indications, be in and out fairly quickly. At worst, may see some off and on showers and sporadic heavier rain with some rumbles of thunder if current data stays on track.

Putting that all together with a look at the 7-day paints a calm, mild week that I don’t think you’ll find too many people complaining about – again, this cold won’t be long for this world, but be sure to keep the pipes, plants and pets in mind over the next couple nights – it is still February, after all… but spring is on our doorstep!

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