Rain & thunder tonight. Low rain chances this weekend. Thunderstorms by Monday.

Warm weather looks like it’s here to stay. We have nothing by 70s and 80s for highs through next week! We do have rain and storms mixed in, as well as a few dry periods.

As far as the rest of today goes, cloud cover will continue to thicken up and light showers will move in this afternoon. Expect spotty to scattered coverage, with slightly higher coverage after 9pm. Some rumbles of thunder cannot be ruled out, but we are not expecting scattered thunderstorms overnight. Highs this afternoon will reach the upper 70s, which will be the coolest high temperature over the next several days.

I do think our in house Futurecast model is slightly overdoing rain coverage, but it still gives a pretty good idea of what to expect. Lighter precip to start off, with some moderate to heavy thundershowers by tonight. Moisture mostly exits the area by the morning, but there may be a few leftover sprinkles throughout the day.

Minimal rain chances continue for the rest of Friday as well as Saturday. We cannot completely eliminate rain chances, however the chance is 10% or less at this time. No need to cancel any plans by any means Friday or Saturday. Sunday is looking nice, with a mostly sunny to partly cloudy sky, with highs remaining in the low to mid 80s. A weakening storm system will approach the Tennessee Valley by Monday. While this system does look quite strong to our west, by the time it reaches us, it looks to weaken significantly and simply leave us with a chance for scattered thunderstorms. We’re watching this system, but at this time there’s no reason for concern.

Overall, we have some isolated to scattered showers and thundershowers through Friday morning. There’s just a stray rain chance for the rest of Friday as well as Saturday. Sunday is looking nice and warm! Scattered storms are likely by Monday afternoon, but we will watch that system as it consistently looks to weaken before it gets here. Enjoy the warmth and keep your rain gear nearby!

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