Nice start to the week. Showers and storms by Thursday night.

If you’re feeling groggy after the time change yesterday, you’re not alone! It’s a slow start to the week, but hey, at least we’ve got plenty of sunshine to perk us up and get us through the day! Aside from a few clouds from time to time, today’s weather will be nice and calm, with temperatures in the lower 60s. Lows tonight will get down into the mid 30s, under a mostly clear sky.

Tuesday’s weather will be fantastic no matter where you are in the Tennessee Valley. A partly cloudy sky and temperatures in the lower 70s. Doesn’t get much better than that for a nice March day! Like the kids are saying these days… Tuesday’s weather has “no notes.” That means it’s good! No changes needed!

All good things must come to an end! Wednesday will still be fair, cloud cover will increase and a shower or two may sneak in, but we hold off on widespread rain chances a little longer. Thursday morning and afternoon both hold isolated rain shower chances, but by Thursday night, widespread rain moves in. It should start out as rain, until the heart of the system swings through Friday morning. That’s when we can expect widespread showers and storms, along with breezy conditions. At this time I’m not seeing a severe weather threat. Gusty winds (separate from thunderstorms) and heavy rainfall look to be the highlights right now.

Rain and storm chances continue through Saturday and part of Sunday. Enjoy these nice next few days while we’ve got them! Temps will warm nicely the next few days.

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