Understanding Doppler Radar: Just What Do All Those Colors Mean!?

By Ben Luna | November 12, 2023

In the Tennessee Valley, it seems that there are 3 constants in life – death, taxes, and wild, dynamic weather scattered all throughout the year. With this in mind, the infrastructure to monitor this weather that’s been built up over the years has grown into a true force to be reckoned with. You can look […]

Sticking with the cooler temps this weekend, but this week? We’re talking shower chances…

By Ben Luna | November 11, 2023

Today was not a bad start to the weekend, at least by my standards – if anything it’s nice sweater weather, and good weather to cozy up under the sheets with a good book and coffee with; at least, that’s how I spend these cloudy, fairly cool fall days (…when I’m not at work, anyways, […]

Much needed rain continues through Friday. Cooler this weekend!

By Ben Luna | November 9, 2023

The day has finally arrived. Not only do we have rain moving into the Tennessee Valley, we have a good amount of showers and maybe even a few thundershowers in store for us. It’s been a gloomy day so far, with a few light showers moving through. Heavier showers will fill in this afternoon and […]

Warm and dry weather pattern breaks this week. Showers expected by Thursday.

By Ben Luna | November 7, 2023

Near record-breaking heat will not continue much longer, but it stays for today and tomorrow. Today will be a lot like yesterday, warm, dry, and mostly sunny. Highs will reach the upper 70s to lower 80s across the Tennessee Valley this afternoon. With a mostly clear sky tonight, lows will get down into the mid […]

Sunny and warm for now. Late week rain chances are high. Expected totals are not.

By Ben Luna | November 6, 2023

It’s a beautiful, sunny day across the Tennessee Valley on this Monday. Temperatures have climbed into the upper 70s (and a few folks near the lower 80s), running 8 to 12 degrees above seasonal average for most of us. We have a few clouds out there, but nothing of consequence. High pressure is centered to […]

Fall Tornado Season Has Arrived – What You Need To Know

By Ben Luna | November 3, 2023

The last month or two has treated us to some nice weather across the Tennessee Valley – some would even say too nice, as a drought continues to build across the area. But it doesn’t take a veteran weather watcher to know just what this climatological region is capable of. Our summers are hot, humid, […]

November Climatology for the Tennessee Valley

By Ben Luna | November 1, 2023

As we often do at the beginning of a new month, we look back at some of the stats for the previous month. After having a wet first 2/3 or so of summer, drought conditions rapidly started developing as we made our way into September and then have significantly increased in seriousness as we progressed […]

Sub-freezing low temps this week. A few tricks and a few treats for Halloween.

By Ben Luna | October 30, 2023

The cold front we’ve been talking about all last week has finally arrived, and I’m sure you can tell by just looking outside. It’s a gloomy and dreary day, to perfectly depict what a Monday feels like. It’s also quite spooky, setting the tone for Halloween tomorrow. It’s two things we haven’t seen in a […]